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Who We Are

We live, work, and love being right here, just like you.


We're proud to be the Mahoning Valley's premier Managed Services Provider. The MVP of your consulting team, where your bottom-line is our bottom-line.

Geeks + Nerds

The best of both worlds! World-class IT & networking expertise from personal, friendly, and local professionals. Our business is our passion.

Domain Experts

Our unique position as IT professionals with deep domain expertise across a wide range industries and verticals makes us your consultant dream team.

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What We Do

From ideation to implementation and support, we provide top-notch information technology consulting, networking management, and managed business and security services.

  • We work proactively to prevent issues before they become serious problems.
  • We work reactively to mitigate problems before they affect your business.
  • We work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality service in everything we do.
exospec lets us rest easy knowing we'll never go down. Integrating and managing all of our disparate services into a single platform was something we could never afford with in-house IT. They've saved us money, brought us into the 21st century, and established themselves as a stakeholder in the success of our business.
Patrick Mokros
President, Empire Stock Transfer

Who We Do It For

You! Nothing makes us happier than seeing your succeed. We’re the best at what we do so that you can be the best at what you do. 

What you do pails in comparison to why you do it. Making an impact, staying true to yourself, and staying humble is reflected in everything you do in life and in business. Waking up in the morning with purpose drives success.

What We Stand For


We believe in brutal honesty; with ourselves first and foremost, but more importantly with our clients. Meticulosity means nothing if we don't communicate openly and honestly. We're not here to sell, we're here to help.


Owning your failures is as important as claiming your wins. Holding ourselves accountable is core to building and maintaining a happy and dedicated team, which translates into trusting relationships within our ranks and with our clients.


Life happens. Everything we do, from the services we provide to the products we sell, are transparent from ideation to delivery. We favor Plain English and straightforward business over legalese and shady business practices.