About Us

Bringing the outside perspective and expertise your business needs.

Our Story

exospec began when two local professionals, lifelong friends, and visionaries decided to go into business providing bespoke website design, development, and marketing. The idea was ahead of its time, and the area and industry was not poised for premium services. That was 4 years ago. Fast forward to Fall 2017, when Tyler Harden & Mike Coppola, exospec’s co-founders, made the decision to take their years of experience across business management, software development, technical architecture, marketing, consulting, and information technology to pivot and build the area’s first true managed services provider.
As many know, the technology industry is constantly evolving, and in the past few years trends across all industries have moved from traditional one time, as needed services and licenses to the “as-a-Service” model. The anything (or everything) as a service market expects compound annual growth of 38.2% from 2016 to 2020. The trend started in software, and slowly moved into other industries including hosting, infrastructure, and other critical business services once operated as “once-off” or reactive “break-fix”. The timing and opportunity was prime to come in to a historically underutilized business zone as is the Mahoning Valley and really bring a level of service found only in large tech hubs and dense metropolitan areas such as Chicago, and New York City, and the Silicon Valley. Technology, network connectivity, and most importantly data are at the core of nearly every single business today, regardless of industry.
Taking the approach of agile & lean methodologies from the software world, combined with modern business management practices and a strong grasp on technology’s past, present, and future: enter exospec. We’re proud to be the Mahoning Valley’s premier managed services provider.